Hospice de Beaune, Meursault-Genevrieres 1. cru, Cuvée Baudot 2004

Wine of the month – April 2008

Hospice de Beaune, Meursault-Genevrieres 1. cru, Cuvée Baudot

This bottle was bought from the cellars of Patriarche in Beaune last year (Thank you Pernille and Jean-Michel for many stunning tastings).

If you are not familiar with the concept of Hospice de Beaune, look it up on google, but the basic idea is that the wines are sold in barrels in November, the proceeds going to charity/the running of Hospice de Beaune. The negotiants buying the wine, then is responsible for when the wine is actually bottled under certain restrictions. The Patriarche cellar claims to make the best effort of all negotiants to make sure the end product is the best possible. I cannot judge that, but only say that I have seldom been disappointed with their Hospice de Beaune wines.

This 2004 Meursault-Genevrieres has a medium golden colour. A deep, waxy and beautiful nose. The palate shows a super waxy-smooth texture and great depth. The taste is very long. And leaving it open, it just keeps getting better and better. Unfortunately the bottle kept getting emptier and emptier as well. To drink this wine now, would probably be considered a lethal crime among experts….but I´m a drinker not a collector…and I really enjoy to feel the power and energy, even if a wine is far from having reached its full potential.

I have tried the king of all them whites – Montrachet on 4 different occasions….my favourite being the 1999 from Marc Colin, but this Hospice de Beaune is way up there among the best whites in my opinion. Its a different style…..a typical “nutty” Meursault and not quite as elegant as a Montrachet but for “only” around 50 euro – it comes at a fraction of the Montrachet wines. Try if if you get the chance.