Clairefontaine, Luxembourg – 6 February 2009

Oscar had begged me for quite a while to go back to the “Ratatouille” restaurant which is his name for Restaurant Clairefontaine. I had not been there for a long time as well, so I was not unhappy to meet his request.

The usual amuse of three different tastings was accompanied by a glass of white wine which as tradition has it by now I had to guess blind. I could not. Not a chance. It was not a taste I was very familiar with. It was heavy and medium dark yellow and had a lot of power I thought. It turned out to be a French Chenin Blanc, I presume from Loire…but I forgot to note who was actually the producer etc. – not my favourite drop. On my last visit I guessed a Moselle Riesling and more or less a dry Juracon so this was a set-back. Give me an easier one next time please Samuel.

I ordered the  “Risotto my style with truffles and smoked egg” – as a starter. For main dish I opted for the Angus rib-eye entrecote.

Oscar could have anything he desired but was most interested in getting the longest piece of baguette – but his father insisted that he tried the suggestion of Arnauld – A piece of chicken breast with Ditali pasta and a rich reduction.

To accompany the dishes I chose a young red Burgundy  – the 2006 Mongeard-Mugneret Chambolle-Musigny – half a bottle since Oscar opted for juice.


Risotto “à ma façon” aux truffes et à l’oeuf de ferme fumé 8p.



Le “plein coeur” d’entrecôte Black Angus fondante et son Parmentier minute, tête de champignon farci sauce poivre flambée et pommes Dauphines 10p.



Mongeard-Mugneret Chambolle-Musigny 2006 – A brilliant wine – young, almost blue in the corners, but what a nice nose and so full of raspberry and all that makes out a good Pinot Noir.



Oscar and his dinosaur puzzle which kept him busy through-out the meal. Note the colour of the Chenin Blanc in the right corner.


As it turned out…the dish of Oscar plus the following rich chocolate ice cream he was served was complimentary, so the bill clocked in at 78 Euro – a friends price I know…but anyway very cheap for the quality offered.

Highlight for me was the rib-eye – WHICH WAS TO DIE FOR – I hope the dish will still be on the menu when I come back. The risotto was al dente cooked as it should be, but it was not the best starter I have had in Clairefontaine. Service is still among the best in Luxembourg. Thanks friends.

My rating for this visit: Ambience 5,0 (5) Service 5,0 (5) Food/Wine 9 (10) : Score 19 out of 20.