“Message on a bottle…..”

This fantastic memory board, menu card, wine list, photo board, etc. etc. etc…will impress ALL your friends.

The enclosed photo only show the proto-type.

The coming models will have the correct measurements of either a red Burgundy or red Bordeaux bottle – only bigger.

A demi-bouteille to  placed on the table will be apxm. 40 centimeters high

A standard bottle will be apx. 80 centimeters high

A magnum (like the one on the photo) will be 180 centimeters high

The prices excluding postage will be 30 euro, 60 euro and 120 euro.

The board is prepared for chalk writing with either chalk or chalk pen.

The board can be enhanced to be magnetic on the front. Add 10, 20, 30 euro respectively for the size in question

The wood is 16 mm particle board/Span platte