Welcome to FWRR !

Welcome our blog about the good things in life – Food, Wine and Rock´n´Rolland to our Wine Shop.

Food – Because we can arrange any kind you want. The best producers or importers in Luxembourg – or maybe you want an evening with a private chef where all is taking care of.

Wine – here you will find true gems, top of the pops and wines with an eye on excellent price quality ratio.

Rock´n´roll – Music is life. Rock´n´roll is in our eyes anything from a good night on the town to an evening spend with your dear one, from black-tie to black jeans. From Sinatra to Dylan.

We organize wine tastings, wine and dine events and concerts – for clients and companies in Luxembourg, Bruxelles, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Please mail us at foodwinerr@gmail.com or call us at +352 661 187904 if you wanna hear about our total selection of wines or hear more about our services.

FWRR are:

Barbara Arrendell Leppilahti, Bruxelles & Amsterdam : “I said to Bo, I do not know that much about wine, but I have tried a few and I know what I like, and we NEED to have some great Spanish wines in our selection”. Barbara loves to cook spicy food . Most notably she cooks with garlic. She loves to travel, mostly to Spain 🙂

Allan: Copenhagen and Denmark. “I have known Bo since we were youngsters, and we have shared so many bottles I have lost count. I am especially crazy about Italian wines and LOVE the ones we have in our selection”. Allan is just finishing a sommelier education in Denmark and is prior to that a former Bank Director and a lover of Italian food and wine.

Bo Dellgren Frederiksen, Luxembourg and Germany .“I´m a passionate chef. A food lover who focuse on the use of good products. Good food and wine and rock´n´roll are my passions. Nothing more nothing less”. Bo loves his french wines, and there is always an open bottle to be tried if you stop by.

Barbara is organizing events in Bruxelles and Amsterdam, Allan in Copenhagen and Denmark and Bo in Luxembourg and Germany.


3 comments on “Welcome to FWRR !

  1. Dear Bo,
    Thank You for Your review about our restaurant. It was nice to see how it looks like from the professional side. Thanks for all the advices.

    Management and stuff of the Restaurant Dubrovnik
    See You soon..

  2. Azra Surhio says:

    I’ve just found your site and am interested in knowing about any English speaking cooking classes in the Luxembourg area. My coworkers and I are hoping to take a class together one weekday.

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