Schiller’s Restaurant (Hotel Stein), Koblenz, Germany – 25 August 2011

Since we had to go to Koblenz, it was decided to have lunch there, and I got to choose…Having googled a bit it seemed that Schiller’s Restaurant was THE place to eat. There is a few michelin starred restaurants in the area, but since the reviews of Schiller’s was equally good I chose that one.

I did not plan to make a review, so no photos. But the experience was so nice that I have to share it with you.

The restaurant is situated inside a small family run hotel, with 3 different dining rooms. The host, Mrs. Stein gave us a friendly welcome and since we were the only one in the restaurant on that beautiful day, we got her un-devided attention. It also meant that the boys got to move around a bit. Mrs. Stein opened all the glass doors – given us almost the illusion to sit in the garden.

Small amuses were given, wine and food were ordered. Open wine, a nicely chilled and dry German Rosê.

I shall not give you all the details, but we had a brilliant amuse, the missus had a great Tuna plate (3 kinds), Risotto with mushrooms, I had Terrine of Fois Gras and Halibut.

Only complain was that my Halibut was too dry. The sauce was marvellous. The fish of the boys perfect…also Halibut but served with a potato mash as we requested. In fact all requests were met with a smile by Mrs. Stein. The boys also got a dessert. 3 glasses, 1 with the most perfect chocolate sorbet, 1 with vanilla creme and 1 with large fresh sweetened raspberries. On top of that we also got a little something a kind of pre-dessert, lovely too.

I shall give the amuses 6p, the starters, 7p, the mains 6p for mine, and 8p for the Risotto the missus had. The dessert smashing  8p.


If you are in Koblenz, please do visit Mrs. Stein and her fine little oasis. I hope to be back one day. If I ever have to sleep in Koblenz I will book the hotel, – just because it all looked so cosy and inviting. And I will bring a camera too.

When we got the bill, the desserts were not on it, I mentioned that to Mrs. Stein, but she just replied, it was such a pleasure to have children in the restaurant, apparently it does not happen that often.

I do not think the food was out of this world, but it was clearly done by someone who knows what he or she was doing. The tuna variations was elegant, the risotto very very good. My dishes were a little bit below the level of what I just described otherwise the food rating would have been higher. The service was given with a smile and flexibility you always wish for but not often experience. So I raise a glass for Mrs. Stein. Thanks for having us.

My rating for this visit:

My rating for this visit: Food 6.5p (10), Ambience 3.5p (5) and service 4.5 (5)  Total score 14.5p (20)

Take a look for yourself here….