Weimar and Anna Amalia, Germany – August 2013

Weimar….who has ever been to Weimar I wonder ? Well let me tell you. Those who have not been to Weimar have missed out on a pretty little spot in the former East Germany.

Goethe and Schiller share history here, as well as lots of other stuff from the German history books. But I shall not bore you with that. But the town is full of museums and buildings that takes you all the way back to those glory days in German history.

We were on our way back from Leipzig having dropped the kids at grandma and grandpa.

We had chosen the most central hotel, a hotel that has had guests ranging from Hitler to Barack Obama. Despite the placement on the town square and the famous history of the Hotel Elephant, it was quite affordable and the staff on it 5 star rating level, even beyond that. VERY VERY friendly and attentive. I give the hotel my highest recommendations and would love to be back one sweet day.

Here is some pictures from the city center.

Hotel Elephant, good enough for a president, good enough for us.

Hotel Elephant, good enough for a president, good enough for us.

Two rock stars...

Two rock stars…

A great little band of university students...

A great little band of university students…

Funny thing here…the lyric to their song fit the mood of the missus to 100% – So we were somehow schocked and wondered if they had written the song for her for that day. We bought the cd instantly and wish them all the luck in the world.

A corner of the town square

A corner of the town square

Weimar is full of small bars, we had a horrible gin/tonic just around where the above picture is taken, lots of small cafe´s lots of shoe shops etc.

Pretty woman - walking down the street.,,,

Pretty woman – walking down the street


Music Family

A fuuny shop with an even more funny shop-keeper.

A funny shop with an even more funny shop-keeper.

In case you forgot dear Astrid. This picture contains something that is on my wishing list for Christmas.

So, plenty to see before we went back to the hotel, freshened us up and hit the bar before the evenings dinner at Anna Amalia, a one star michelin restaurant inside the hotel.

Anna Amalia

So, without knowing – no kidding – I was pretty unprepared for once. We had booked the table at the in-house restaurant. I actually did not know it had a star, not until in the middle of the dinner when I inquired the friendly maitre why they had not. That was funny.

Anyway, before dinner I told the friendly barkeeper to prepare two gin/tonics one for me and one for the prettiest bride she would ever see. And minutes after Astrid came down looking like a million.

The missus

The missus

The gluten aspect of the missus, gave room for the only flaw of the evening, because I had duly noted it when booking, but still only a normal – but great bread selection hit the table.



The error was soon corrected with apologies, and apart from that the evening was perfect. The beautiful – well outstanding terrasse with lots of lit candles gave room for a day and an evening to be remembered.

Unfortunately, for you foodies – the lights – the candles gave only room for 2 more shots. It was simply too dark, but on such a romantic evening, I did not give a damn. It was the night before our wedding anniversary, and I just had one of the best days of my life –  I know, I´m an old romantic.

Here they come…

Great little amuse

Great little amuse

The missus...

The missus…

My conclusion:

The soft rain started to fall, we both each got a blanket to warm us. Great food, great wine and the mood of the evening made this one of the best evenings of my life. I shall keep it private, But today, on this day, the missus gave me the biggest gift I could have ever hoped for. So big was the surprice – that I think I was in schock for quite a while or still is. I thank you dear Astrid for the gift. I hope I can give it back to you somehow in the years to come.

I cannot wait to get back to Anna Amalia and Weimar – rather sooner than later. And next time maybe focus a bit more on the food.

My rating for this visit to Anna Amalia: Food 8p (10), service 4.5p (5), ambience 5p (5), 17.5p (20).

Sp -if you have the chance – go visit Weimar. It´s worth a tour.





One comment on “Weimar and Anna Amalia, Germany – August 2013

  1. Wir hätten uns sehen können 😉 Gegenüber vom Hotel Anna Amalia ist auch mein Design Laden 🙂

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