Christoph´s Place, Luxembourg, – January 27th, 2013

“Lazy Sunday afternoon
I’ve got no mind to worry
I close my eyes and drift away”

Small Faces 1968


I was happy to be invited to cook for a group of wine lovers. The theme being 1st growth from Bordeaux, and the admission was – bring a bottle of those of your choice. Christoph not only asked me to cook, but also participating in the the dinner and the tasting. My admission thus was the time I spend cooking.

Bordeaux was one of my first loves – wine wise. In the early nineties I was lucky to have a good friend whos cellar as in regard to top Bordeauxs had everything you could ever imagine or wish for,

So – expectations was high, and my cooking was adjusted, meaning less pepper and spices than normally, – I did not want to disturb the delicacy of those drops too much.

Here is some shots from the event…

Our own wonderful Mandois, Cuvee Victor

Our own wonderful Mandois, Cuvee Victor 2002

I love this Champagne, and it was a good companion to my small amuses

Smoked Trout Creme with creme fraiche, aneth and horse redish...

Smoked Trout Creme with creme fraiche, aneth and horse redish…

Finding Nemo - again.
Finding Nemo – again.
Mr. and Mr. Akkerman

Mr. and Mr. Akkerman

3 of the best "noses" in Luxembourg...

3 of the best “noses” in Luxembourg…

Haut-Brion 1994

Chateau Haut-Brion 1994

One of my favourites of the day, still vibrant.

1985 Chateau Ausone

Chateau Ausone 1985

Mouton Rothschild 2001

Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2001

Having had 3 bottles of this in my own cellar, it was nice to revisit – and to actually feel , I drank it when it presented more of what I like in a wine. Elegang power and energy. In my eyes it was still a nice drop of course. It just hadnt improved.


A little lamb “cous cous” thing…

Cheval Blanc 1997

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1997


Margaux 2002

Chateau Margaux 2002

What a brilliant wine.

Roast beef a la Jamie Oliver

Roast beef a la Jamie Oliver

I love this dish, saw it one night on the telly. Added slices of raw mushrooms.

Lafite Rothschild 2002

Lafite Rothschild 2002

Probably the best wine of the day. And the only one where you thought…this one needs more time…well in my eyes. I like them young. This was so amazing, and full of energy waiting to develop. What a nice drop.

Iberico porc, with roasted garlic and truffles...

Iberico porc, with roasted garlic and truffles…

Say cheese....

Say cheese….

A few more bottles landed on the table, the tired Danish chef was happy people liked his food.

As for the wines….well how could you not like them. I was happy to have had the chance to participate in this extravaganza of top wines. I thank you Christoph for inviting me – here´s to our new friendship. Rock on. And for those of you that was not there on that Sunday. Well, you missed an outstanding tasting.

As for me, I met some interesting new people and that is what counts the most. I still prefer my wines younger, and was confirmed in that opinion.

2 comments on “Christoph´s Place, Luxembourg, – January 27th, 2013

  1. Axel Hörig says:

    you had a very good day…

  2. Thanks for stopping by Axel. I do believe little was wrong in the world on that certain Sunday…;-)

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