Falco, Leipzig, Germany – 29 May 2012

“Coming home, I’m coming home
Let me show you who I am
Let me show you I’m your man
I would give anything just to see you again”

Falco 1986


“Coming home” – to the hometown of the missus – it had been too many years – we finally managed to fit the gastronomic pride of the “new” part of Germany into our schedule. The restaurant is situated on the 27th floor of the old Westin Hotel which of course provides the guests breathtaking views of the city.

“View to a kill”….

The name of the restaurant pays homage to the family of falcons that are nesting on the top of the building every year.

The mother falcon watching her two “babies” that were nesting below where a cage had been build by the staff.

Peter Maria Schnurr holds 2 michelin stars and his style of cooking is not far from the one we know and adore of Christian Bau in Schloss Berg. Its light and modern – sometimes daring combinations and always pretty as it get presentations. Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by the bar keeper of the bar that runs into the restaurant. A glass of Ruinart Blanc des blancs and the  stunning view of Leipzig. I had spotted the “Bible” – entitled Cuisine Passion Legere – on display at the entrance and requested to have a signed copy ready at the end of the meal. The funny thing is, that the cooking is one of the lightest you will find, and the book for sure is one of the heaviest. A monster of a book. I am so looking forward to endulge further into it in the coming months.

First amuse was served with the champagne at the bar.

Round one goes to Falco ..

Beautiful arranged, and the gluten-allergy and vegetarian status of the missus being respected from the first moment always give us a certain amount of confidence 9p

Christian Wilhelm best sommelier of Berlin 2010 showed us our corner table with the same stunning view of Leipzig. He was throughout the evening a perfect host, so was his two female colleagues. Service do not get much better than this.


Bread at Falco is not your standard basket, but these two on display here. It was combined with two other tastings. However, there was no gluten-free variety but the missus was fairly warned to watch out.

Second amuse…and

Third and last greeting from the kitchen…

Those two rounds of amuses was stunning and especially the last one, with the caviar of salmon trout – to die for. 10p

We had opted for the small menu, which will set you back 144 eur – the larger version comes at 179 eur.

Raw Scallops with rhubarb with a green ice cream of Granny Smith, olives and basil

Loved it. Best scallops in my life I think – or at least way up there with the best. Loved the presentation too. 10p

Lobster with basil, choriandre, mint and apple.

The colour of the green creme AMAZING. 9p

Salmon trout – Omble Chevalier

Great dish, great taste of the fish, slowly cooked, and the presentation again with an eye for detail, both for the eye and mouth 9.5p

A small – clear the palate thing.

I think it was red berries ice – on a coco bisquit. Great plate too.

“Schwarzes Eichel” porc on a paella creme (!)

My choice – Iberico porc – slowly cooked at low temperature I think (which is not my favourite style) – the paella creme on top tasted like paella…great combo. But the weakest dish of the evening 8p

Iceland Kabeljau

This dish was re-aaranged to fit the gluten-free aspect. A large piece of cod – but cooked to perfection – and a great dish but also not as sharp as the starters 8.5p

Luise Volkert proudly presenting the cheeses…

I asked Luise to present the tray as if we would have some, but we opted no up front. Great job. And a great selection and beautiful counter it was. 10p


Strawberry botox

Again a presentation that brought memories from Bau´s kitchen. Great dessert 9p

Another after dessert was served – but the picture I got from that is not good, – instead the crusty lollies will be the last food shot of this evening.

My boy lollipop…

Lovely as the meal and evening.


I am so happy, and so is the missus – that we finally managed to eat at Falco. It does not get much better than this. The staff, the kitchen, the service level, the views, the ambience. Everything was in balance – and the easy-going ways of the service is just what we like. At the end of the meal Peter Maria Schnurr came to our table and we chatted a good 15 min about the meal and life as such. He proudly showed me what he had written for us.

A happy chef. He has every reason to be just that.

He also invited me to the kitchen to sign a tile on the wall, an honour not many people had been offered, and my signature – Das Bo – with a small thank you – is right there in the midst of these wizzards or just another brick in the wall among “other famous” people. I thank you Peter Maria for that honour, for the time with you – and ALL your staff for a tremendous evening. Be sure to find os back next time we are in town. I shall add a bonus point – because everything on this evening was in balance. And to the pretty brunette waitress that cared so good for us throughout the evening…I am sorry I forgot your name dear.

My rating for this visit: Food 9p (10), service 5p (5), ambience 5p (5), plus the added bonus point – total score for this visit  20p (20)


One comment on “Falco, Leipzig, Germany – 29 May 2012

  1. gsuloo says:

    Incredible looking food!

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