Objectives and Scoring


Just to make sure everybody knows and understand. Unless stated, I was not invited to these lunches or dinners by the restaurant. My sentiments and conclusions are subjective, which is the idea of my blog. I am, not an expert, but visit restaurants as your average customer – a customer with some extra kilos on his back though. I hope the restaurants can use my experience and sentiments as input in their efforts to achieve what they aim for.


I have this system in my head where a perfect gastronomic experience gets 19-20 points. A brasserie type of restaurant normally between 11-15 points. But there is no reason why a “simple” restaurant should not score higher if its justified. Or a gastronomic restaurant can score lower if something is not up to par. Furthermore, I reserve the right to use “happiness points” if something makes the dining experiece exceptional.

I have received many advices of how to improve my scoring system.  But the suggestions from friends and readers goes in many different directions. And until I have found the perfect system, I shall just stick to what my head and heart tells me.

10 comments on “Objectives and Scoring

  1. As I really like the Clairefontaine, I stumbled onto your blog. Continue doing your reviews, they are highly appreciated.

    I will be in Perl in 2 weeks, hope I like it there as much as you do.


  2. bo frederiksen says:

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    I am sure you will love Schloss Berg. It is as good as it gets in my book. You dont need to take the biggest menu to get a nice evening – that just as a side comment.

    Love your compliments, I can always use those.

  3. Good to know about the menu. Would you go with the “small” voyage or would you go for the “intermediate”? I might go for the intermediate then, as I would love to see a few more dishes to appreciate Bau’s cooking.

    For the wines, I will let the sommelier decide for some nice pairings.

  4. bo frederiksen says:

    I can manage the big one, but sometimes it is A LOT. But I also feel like you, sometimes you would have loved to had 1 dish more, because they are outstanding. SO the middle menu is a good bet. But many people would be full and astonished with even the small menu. The amount and quality of the tasters are second to none.

    As for wine. You are in good hands with Daniel. I think hes style and interaction is among the best. Have fun and please do gve me feed-back.

  5. I will let you know how it went.
    Next up on the list is also the Distillerie.
    Saw a lot of pictures, looks quite gorgeous.

  6. We chose the large “Voyage Culinaire” with wine pairings. Couldn’t resist, and luckily we had all afternoon. After 4,5h this was my verdict:

    Highly recommended
    Lots of very good dishes, and a few amazing ones (even emotional).
    Service was perfect

    There was a “mishap” in one of the plates. We discreetly notified them, and they saved it perfectly by adding another course to the menu.

    Here you’ll find pictures of all the courses: http://www.flickr.com/photos/67642990@N03/sets/72157629618005469/comments/#comment72157629253502334

    The menu is similar to the one you had in 2011.

  7. bo frederiksen says:

    Hi Steve,

    Good to hear the feed-back. and more so because you liked it. Well, I knew you wouldm but you know…

    I am off course interested in what dish went wrong and with what it was replaced. Nice photos.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. There was something from the non-food department in one of the Foie Gras plates. They added the sashimi course called “Japanisches Meer”.

    Something to consider if people read this and want to go there: next time we will request the table at the back, near the fire place. A friend of mine was sitting next to the wine coolers, and they made a very annoying humming noise … from the moment on, you noticed it. And as a bonus less people will constantly walk behind your back.

  9. bo frederiksen says:

    That is off course….damn….unlucky…..because that dish is to die for in my opinion. Damn.

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