A different take at Restaurant Clairefontaine – Take 2, Luxembourg – 17 September 2011

So, in compare to our first ccoking lesson with Arnaud and William, we knew what to expect. We knew it was gonna be great. We had all tried to re-cook some or even all of the dishes from lesson number 1,  and the general lesson we learned was that Arnaud and William actually had succeeded in choosing stuff we could at least have a go at.

For this “Take 2” – we were joined by one of my best friends Catherine, and Torben had requested that a normal crab should be on the menu.

So what Arnaud now showed us..was just about how little crab meat you get out. I believe you can call him very skilled and he did go out in all the corners of that animal….and what came out was very little at the best. So next time you order anything with crab, please take a moment to think about the amount of work it took before it landed on your plate….

Arnaud - full of crab - I think not !

The crab 20 min later...

Catherine glazing the tomatoes...

And so the final touches was made to the amuse…

Amuse - Crab with glazed Tomato

Second dish, Langoustine wrapped in kadayif – this starter is one you will find every now and then in different presentations at Clairefontaine, sometimes it might be a King Prawn – sometimes the vegetables chosen might vary, but in this case it was “Langoustine in Kadayif on Cauliflower Puree”.

Cleaning the langoustines....

"Wrapped around your finger" - I hope not Klaus...


Arranging the dish...

The finished dish...

After this – Arnaud took over again, showing us just about how to cut the filets from a seabass.

Arnaud at work...

The dish was gonna be The filet on top of leek with a green leek creme around it. The creme made out of the top – the dark green – part of the leek. You know the part you use for making a bouguet garni – or you throw away, if you dont know better. It was wonderful and what a colour.


Arranging the dish...

The finished dish...

The final dish this day is one of favourites. Slowly cooked porc cheeks. Of course the dihs was prepared – since it need to simmer away for much longer than we had on our hands this day…but we made the dish from scratch still, making some other people happy with our efforts.

Pofr cheeks, so inexpensive - so divine..

William braising the cheeks, with the bouquet garni on the side ready to go into a whole lotta red wine.

The finished version...

Arrange the potato mash - with a spoon - its easy (haha...)

- and voila - you have a dish.

So, how does it all compare to Lesson 1. I would say, it was just as good. Great food, great wines were chosen by Julien Codet – and we thank him for that. William and Arnaud, again we thank you for taking the precious spare time and spending it with us. We had great fun, you again showed us some tricks to get to the goal even with less effort, and we again learned a lot. We feel priveleged to have started this tradition. We cannot wait to lesson 3. But before we arrange that we are so looking forward to showing you OUR capabilities on the 17th March. To Catherine, Susanne, Morten, Torben and Klaus – thanks for your friendship and for the fun. Especially a thousand thanks to Susanne for the marvellous job you did in taking all the notes and providing us all with a beautiful “book” of recipes. Mwah…

My rating for this lesson. 20/20.


2 comments on “A different take at Restaurant Clairefontaine – Take 2, Luxembourg – 17 September 2011

  1. S Lloyd says:

    Now I know where I can invite you to go to eat, next time I pass by Luxembourg City. I am adding this table to my list of tables to try in Europe.
    Happy holidays to you and yours, my dear Bo!

  2. bo frederiksen says:

    Thanks again for your kind comments here. – I wish you all the best for you and your dear ones in 2012. And I seldom reject an invitation 🙂

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