Grain Nobles, Steinsel, Luxembourg – 25th November 2011

An evening with the boys…

I first met Fernand Klêe in the early nineties, since then he has established himself as one of the leading figures in the Luxembourgish wine scene. As a sommelier, conferencier, wine lover, or just a fantastic guy to spend a few hours with. He is truly entertaining, warm-hearted and witty.

So when my friend Richard asked me if I wanted to join his mostly Norwegian gang on a “Friday Night Christmas Celebration” in the hands of Fernand – with food provided by Cookconcept, there was 3 things I knew right away. Yes, I would, 2) I would be first to arrive 5 min before the set time 7 pm, and Lorenzo was gonna be the last to arrive.

So, being early when you are in the hands of Fernand Klêe is not a problem. First wine was a…..I forgot – or wait was it the Bruno Colin ?. Second up a Domaine Leflaive, third a Marsanne/Viognier thing and then the Champagne…..and this was before the first half of the rest of the boys arrived.

After great amuses, oysters, spicy chili/choriandre soup, buffalo Mozzarella, Salmon etc. – and the arrival of  Lorenzo and a few others around 8.30. pm  (Italians are from a different planet – and thus have longer travelling time. Capiche ?) – the evening could (finally) commence…

The GREAT GREAT Fernand Klêe

A GREAT Blanc de blancs

First dish of the evening was this wonderful fois gras.

Terine of Fois Gras

The cinnamon on the apples just there, not too much, the brioche, classic. One of the best dishes of the evening. Sam – your terine is truly great. It was accompanied by…

On the rich side - which I love....

A classic great marriage...

What followed was an army of good whites, look at the producers below….all outstanding in their own respect. With the below whites we also had the following two dishes….

– and the dishes

The salmon excellent, – the soup with the loup de mer on the very spicy side. I loved the dish but I do not think it fitted the wines or visa-versa. The only wine to almost match it was the beforementioned Marsanne/Viognier.

As for the whites they were all fantastic, most notably the Puligny Montrachet 1.cru from Domaine Leflaive, what a nose, what a tour de la force….

We left the whites and Fernand now like a true wizzard – as if by magic – presented a young 2009 Echezeaux from Richard Maniere.

My favourite wine of the evening. It was only to clear the palate Fernand claimed – before the Bordeaux’s that would follow, but what a wine. Bourgogne 2009 is all I want in a wine, lovely sun, fruits, subtle tannins.

A true classic, Tertre Roteboeuf is a favourite among many wine critics, and I can see why. Second best wine of the evening – together with the Domaine Leflaive.

Now to all these reds we were served (twice) a wonderful rack of lamb with rösti and a mushroom ragout. The lamb was fantastic, the rösti right on the spot, the mushrooms lacked a bit salt and pepper and just slightly overcooked for my taste. My camera was absent during that dish and the cheese that followed. But trust me it was great.

The  biggest name of the evening was up next. The magnum bottle of the 1985 Chateau Ausone. One of the best wines in France….

This almost brought back memories to the early nineties where my good friend Jan Pedersen had a wine cellar to die for. I had the honour to prepare a dinner to go with his great wines on several occasions and the 1986 Ausone was a highligt of that period. Now 20 years later, the 1985 was still vibrant, still powerful…but deep down in my heart I must admit that it was no way near what I prefer in wine. I simply just prefer them younger. But what a privelege to try this kind of wine, and see how it matures and stays fresh and drinkable.

The cheese platter was accompied by a “lighter” 1995 Musigny.

How can you not like such a wine. Even though 1995 has proven a difficult year, these great drops – Grand Cru’s  – shows that with the right soft- and hardware you can still make good wine.

There was a few other wines, which were not shot – the fnal glass I got halfway out the door – a 2009 Chambolle Musigny (I think) from Henri Perrot-Minot in Morey Saint Denis. I shall give you a few impressions of the happy faces that was all around. Lorenzo is not in the pictures, he was busy dancing and remembering his disc-jockey days – some 20 years ago.


To have such a vast number of great bottles in one evening could be considered too much for what one can digest, but actually it was not a problem. I woke up the next morning with a smile on my lips and no sight of hang-over. I thank you – Norwegian friends and Richard for letting me participate in this great event. I thank you Fernand Klêe for selecting the wines – your wit and knowledge is amazing. I shall just just mention that Fernand Klêe sells a large selection of outstanding wines and cognacs as well as a lot of accesoires and art from the shop in Steinsel. Do check it out. Especially here in December they have a large selection of Christmas gifts as well as tastings, starting 10th December up till Christmas. I know I will go for sure…..

“And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun,
The near and the dear ones, the old and the young”

John Lennon



3 comments on “Grain Nobles, Steinsel, Luxembourg – 25th November 2011

  1. Maria F. Orr says:

    ….would have put on a disguise to join the guys night!! 🙂 I clearly belonged there!

  2. gsuloo says:

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful way to pass an evening. The food and sounded spectacular. I’m sure your Norwegian friends had to twist your arm!

  3. bo frederiksen says:

    Thanks for your comment Gsuloo….yeah, It was a great evening, More importantly I met a wonderful person with an incredible knowledge about wine and life. I hope that this new friendship will evolve and that many of our ideas will see the light of day,

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