Marbella Club Hotel (Restaurant Club de Playa), Marbella – October 31, 2011

So happy to be back at this place – and more importantly happy to be able to show the missus this little piece of paradise on earth.  We could not have chosen a better day. Clear blue sky, an almost empty pool for the boys to enjoy and a not conpletely full restaurant. It was clearly the end of the season.

We were as always early, so we went for the bar, and the boys went for the pool. A moment of stress occured when I could not find my wallet with all the holiday money and then some. I went back to the car, but no luck. A strange looking person had just passed close to our table and the waiter had warned us not to leave bags close to the windows. So…what to do? The missus went back to the car to take a second look, while I drank a chilled beer, seeing some moment of distress ahead. But as most of the time…the worries were uncalled for, and the misssus returned with the wallet.

The boys already in and out of the pool were having the time of their life. I got to see Oscar swim for the first time, proudly showing off….

Oscar can swim...

and dive...

Emil having fun too..

The waiter at the bar, went for some huge towels….great service. Second beer and wine was ordered. Thanks for everything Carlos…

Before service...peace and quiet, except for the boys in the pool.

Roasted almonds and olives were handed...and eaten..

The missus looking for a drink and at the beautiful beach below.

As I mentioned in my previous review of this place, the lunch here is buffet only at a price of 70 eur per adult and 40 per child. Now that is expensive for Spain. But the quality of the buffet is second to none, also on this visit and the extras you want to order are all incuded. We ordered some pata negra ham and filets of grilled sole for the boys. I took a larger selection of goodies from the buffet than last time, and furthermore grilled slices of filet of Beef – and also tried the desserts. So we did not leave hungry. I think we arrived around noon and left some 3-4 hours later. During that entire period, we had been taken care of by the excellent army of waiters…especially my new amigo Javier Doncel who was just so damn good. Making sure everything was to our liking at all times.

Our table...just waiting for us to indulge.

The missus with Javier, the best Spanish waiter of 2011 🙂

Oscar with his Strawberries and cream...


There is no way the boys could ever had eaten for 40 eur – not even combined lol. So the price for them was too much you may ask. Yes off course it was, but on the other hand they spend a perfect day in paradise, and if you compare to a day in Legoland or Tivoli I think it was a better deal. The mount of fun the same, the amount of stress for them and their parents – not to be compared….lol. This was heaven in that respect. The only amount of stress that day was the missing wallet. Even the 90 min drive home was managed with a big smile. I was glad we made the trip and the missus was impressed by it all. I do think that the food this time had minor flaws in compare to the first time, but some of it was to die for and I shall focus on those in my warm memories as winter is now approacing rapidly. So Javier, thanks for your attention. Looking forward to see you and your colleagues again, hopefully soon.

Bridge over troubled water....

Emil with a rare BIG smile....

My rating for this visit: Food 7.5p (10), service 5p (5), ambience 5p (5), 1 extra happiness point courtesy of Javier – Total Score 18.5p (20)


2 comments on “Marbella Club Hotel (Restaurant Club de Playa), Marbella – October 31, 2011

  1. Torben Bjerregaard says:

    Thanks for the update. I share your view it seems expensive, but again when the service is outstanding – always on their marks – observing – and smiling what more can you ask for. And on top of that include the heated pool for the kids. Yes, this is close to paradise – when you visit as a family – good food and excellent service for the parents and fun in the heated pool with the kids.

  2. bo frederiksen says:

    Thanks for your comments Torben. Please make sure you tell me before you go there next time. I want you to bring a nice bottle to my new friend…

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