Cooking on German Television – with Torben and Yours Truly !


The great Steffen Henssler with the fat Danes !

Reflections after Day 1

What a day….

Great attention for all the team at Fernsehmacher. Especially Kyra who kept the spririts high and stood up for our stressed minds and moods.

The waiting before going on air was killing us. The presentation of the kitchen before the show was supposed to help and calm us down – but I think we missed half of the points. 1) We could not find the eggs 2) The cooker was killing us 3) I could not find the spoons, Torben could not get the antique weight to work (there was an electric one behind it lol,  –  etc. etc. etc.

So the stress was not the German language nor the time, nor the audience, cameras or all that…it was simple small things like the above mentioned. I managed to burn some onions, two different creme sauces. You should have all seen the kitchen afterwards…it was a MESS.

We came to Hamburg to win the 4 shows which is maximum we can achieve. But after the first session we were lucky just to be in the game. Even though we were happy with the look of most of our dishes, apparently the taste did not quite hit the level we hoped for. But Hey Frankie…Frank Rosin…who has told you that the salmon was supposed to be warm ? At least that was not our intention lol. And as for the cooking demi-cuit…well the missus would have loved it just like that….

Ladies and Gentlemen...we have a draw...

But….what a day it was…and we are still in the game…second show coming up today. And to Heike, Petra, Dorothea, Anne-Lena, Luisa and all the other nice people we met before and after this show…thanks for calming our nerves….I guess the alcohol did the trick after the show.

Reflections after Day 2

We felt confident that this would be our show. We thought we could not loose the starter,..we might loose the main and we would win the dessert…and thats how it more or less turned out. The dishes from both teams were all much better than in the previous show, so the defeat for the girls much have been even tougher.

We had our best showing at this show we both think, – and still it was so close. But leaving the studio we felt nothing could go wrong. As Coldplay sing….that was when we ruled the world.

The most amazing thing to experience was the personal improvement in time management, in handling the cooker…and all those other basic issues.

We felt bad “winning” – but man did we feel good. Nothing was gonna stop us now.

Reflections after Day 3 – our final day 😦

Before the show went on air, the two young ladies we beaten the show before Anna-Lena and Louisa – who were in the audience – had put a small note on our cooker, wishing us the best of luck. That was so sweet, and we will never forget that feeling. We hope to see you both further on up the road. If you are ever in Luxembourg we will arrange an event for you.

8-9-10….and out. We lost….we thought we had it done. We knew we had a weak starter, but a strong dessert. So when we won the main dish, we thought we were home-free.

Back to our menu….In the end out dessert “lacked pizzas”…..the ladies won. Anna-Lena, Karin….It was a pleasure meeting you both. We had a great evening after loosing. We are looking forward to cooking together with you in November. You were great.

So…after loosing we felt like crying…at this point we are happy we went. We would do it again ANY day. My cooking partner and good friend Torben impressed me. He was great. Nothing less.

We managed to present ALL 9 dishes, often the strict time limit means that the dishes is not even presented. And we managed to make them all look decent, some amazing. We cooked stuff we never even dreamed of and in the end we lost on lack of taste…so we can only blame ourselves.

Theres winners and loosers...and dont get caught on the wrong side of that line...

Thanks for having us ZDF, thanks to Fernsehmacher…..and thanks for all your support dear readers and friends.


8 comments on “Cooking on German Television – with Torben and Yours Truly !

  1. bo frederiksen says:

    Thanks Dorothea…you are too kind…

  2. Torben Bjerregaard says:

    Nice description of the day – and what a day – going into the show feeling like winners and leaving the show in the evening like big time loosers. But what the hell we managed to get a second chance.
    Always an honor to cook with the great chef (Rosin Junior)

  3. bo frederiksen says:

    Torben…we didnt leave as loosers…we were just disappointed that we were so close to leaving after the first show. You can see as Frank Rosin points out the faults of our dishes…how we realize that this is good-bye. In the end it wasnt…and we should feel proud about that. I would like to stress here, that it was Torbens idea how to structure the thai asparagus in a square, and what a pretty dish it was IMHO…what a pity I did not throw in a poached egg….would have worked wonders.

  4. Heike says:

    The alkohol did the trick AFTER the show?

  5. gregory says:

    So next level now?

    Good luck guys

  6. bo frederiksen says:

    Hey…look what the cat dragged in…

    You never know what this might bring us…but at least we got the attention of one of the finest men of the area…….

    Good to hear from you and to know that you appreciate quality entertainment 😉

    But as you know they say…the higher they fly…the harder they fall.

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