Cooking Class for kids !

Why – I have been looking around – locally both in Luxembourg and in Germany – and I have not succeded in finding any…so I thought….why dont I make one.

Who – Kids between 5-15 with or without their parents – yes It can actually both be a kids cooking class, but also kids with parents….

When – I am flexible in regard to time. But I do imagine that Saturday mornings will be the best  2-3 Hours – plus lunch together.

Where – Place will be here in my kitchen, which is in Helmsange/Walferdange Luxembourg, close to Luxembourg centre.

How many – A maximum of 6 kids – or 4 parents and 4 kids. To make it personal and intimate

What – As to programme, anything is possible. Your average fast dinner, worlds easiest (and best) pizza, homemade pasta, bought pasta with homemade sauce, perfect meat, perfect fish, oven dishes, funny dishes, fast food, gastronomic food. Parents can order wine from my cellar if they want to sip while cooking/learning. I can give the class (run the show)  either in English, German or Scandinavian.

Price – My price will be depending on how big a group you book. But I will need at least 3 kids or 2 parents with kids to do the show.

Email me at if you have questions or if you think you might be interested. Dont be shy. Im not.

One comment on “Cooking Class for kids !

  1. Maria F. Orr says:

    Awesome idea! I want to be a kid again 🙂

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