Sölleröd Kro, Denmark – 7 August 2011

“Sun is shinin’ in the sky
There ain’t a cloud in sight
It’s stopped rainin’ everybody’s in a play
And don’t you know
It’s a beautiful new day”

Mr. Blue Sky, Jeff Lynne 1977

When you see this…

followed by this guy…

"Mr. Blue Sky"

– you know you are in for a treat.

Celebrating our shared anniversary with Peter and Kit is ALWAYS something special. Special friends calls for special moments. And coming back to Sölleröd Kro, besides being a very special moment – always – has also become our tradition and a date we are already looking forward in repeating in many years to come.

I have told you before about my admiration for this place and for Jan Repstorff. First time I really took notice of Jan, was when I read his article in a Danish Gastronomic magazine about Paris, more notably the top restaurants in Paris. I just thought…I must meet this guy. And as you will know by now, meeting him, and Sölleröd Kro has changed my life. He breath service, he lives wine and food. He is Mr. Blue Sky. I love you Jan.

So on this day….our expections were somewhere around sky-high. The year before had been an out-of-body experience. And….yes….yes….yes it was again way up there. We thank you Jan and your team for making this day a day to remember and to treasure. You know you are making it hard for yourself by setting the bar so high.

The gluten aspect was handed to perfection, the bread offered in the beginning was simply cooked just as the normal ones, and with a top quality.

Gluten free home backed rolls for the missus

We got the menus, but Jan never left us…and soon said…Why dont I just set up a little something for you….trust me. We did just that. Winewise too we were spoiled.

What a fantanstic Champage...!!!

It was the follower to a pink champagne from de Sousa et fils. And Peter just busted out. I must have this one at home. He – we all loved it. It was follewed by many other outstanding drops, I shall not name them all, but a few were shot and will be presented below.

Amuse - Tomato on Tomato ice..

Crab with salted cucumber, dill and coliflower

Especially the salt pickled cucumbers were lifting this simple dish way up high.


Lightness, the aspargus brilliant, perfect dish.

Scallops with smoked/burned salad

I loved it, some of us found the smokey taste to dominant. I found it perfect. The scallops halfed, but cooked 100 percent correct. Wauw.

A little something...Crispy chicken, chicken hearts, Not pasta but celery...

Great little dish – it worked.

A dish for the missus...

Chanterelles, onions…..what a beauty. She loved it.

Veal - with smoked sweet-bread and chanterelles

Who-ever cooked this meat, should be given an extra salary slip. King of the world. Top of the pops.

Three of the wines we had…

First red...

Second red - a "semi-old" 1976 !

Jan – thanks for letting us this one. All wines were excellent, but to find this gem and to open it for us was a very nice gesture. It was still vibrant, and what a colour.

Third red....

Now at this point our bellys were starting to obstruct….but Jan said, …are you really sure you dont want any cheese, – what if I tell you that it is ..I surrendered.

Manchego and Gruyere with truffles...

A personal highlight for me. And to think about how close I was to say no. Thank you sir.

This is how Jan looks when he know he has hit the spot.


Red & Black berries



End of the show. What can one say after a meal like that, except thank you.


When thanking Jan on facebook the day after our visit, I think I said something like Noma might be the best restaurant in the world, but Sölleröd Kro is the best restaurant in Denmark….Jan replied, haha..no no…we are just the best restaurant in Sölleröd. And the only one. Now that must be the understatement of the year.

Jan, Sölleröd Kro. We love you – we feel privileged to know you and to have spent yet another anniversary in your good hands. At the end of the meal Christian Ebbe, the young new head chef came out to say hi. You need not worry folks. Christian carries the torch with the same passion as Jakob de Neergaard did before him.

Jan, We salute you !

As it turned out, our visit was even blessed with a surprice other guest in the restaurant. One of the best food-bloggers in the world, Trine and her Klaus was enjoying there lunch as well – Trine – actually planning a Birthday lunch for her birthday anniversary – a lunch that is actually taking place today. It was an honour to meet you and Klaus. I hope your celebration today will be full of laugther and smiles. I know for sure that Jan and his team will provide the rest and reach the level your exquisite taste deserve. Happy Birthday Trine. Love your blog.

The brides - Kit and the missus...

Simplicity and sheer beauty as the food....

My rating for this visit: Food 9,5 (10), Ambience 5(5) and service 5 (5)  Happiness point 0,5 – Total score 20 (20)


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