Hamburg, August 2011

Hamburg is a wonderful city….

I wanna move there. Any headhunters out there. Phone me, Im coming. Thats all there is.

On another note, besides trying the Seven Seas restaurant, as mentioned on my post below, we also got the chance to visit Steffen Henssler’s “Ono” (Great name by the way..) and Tim Mälzer’s Bullerei. Due to the fact that I was too high on emotion, and too low on emotion for personal reasons – I did not plan on making review as in  “walk you through” about the places – but I do want to tell you about them.

Actually I got the chance to meet Steffen Henssler, and he is a wonderful vibrant guy with a light in his eyes and a laugh in his voice. I salute him.

As for the restaurants…


So so, ambience – we sat outside on a beautiful evening, twisted a bit between huge buildings, but I guess you could call it an urban feel. Place crowded with people between 18-60 years of age. The menu, heavy on sushi which off course Steffen is famous for, but also with many other dishes. The wine list, affordable and low-key. We had a brilliant Sauvignon Blanc from somewhere overseas. Actually we had two. So my memories are drifting so to speak….

The food, brillian sushi platter, we ordered the biggest one, which came with all you could ask for – Sashimi, sushi and tempura. Especially the tempura selection was EXCELLENT.

Service wise…well…a young guy took the order, served the food, and the wines, asked if everything was ok etc, brought a few digestives. He did his job and was never far away.

I would give the place a good 14-15p score out of 20, simply because we had a brilliant time, great sushi/tempura. And I would be back any given day….that is if that head-hunter calls. Book now dear friends and enjoy. If full, Steffen has another fab restaurant with more or less the same concept Henssler&Henssler.


Our last night in Hamburg was spend at the hotel bar, drowning our sorrows in GT”s – but at a certain point – around 10 pm it was decided we needed some food. A cab was ordered, bringing us 3  guys and two beautiful women (Karin and Anna-Lena) to the beautiful area where Tim’s restaurant is situated. The Bullerei is heavy on meat, no surprice here. We ordered 3 bottles of wines for the gents, and the women got to taste them all I think, overseas Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and an Austrian Veltiner. All price at I think 18, 22 and 28 euros !!!!!. Now that is cheap in compare to the standard I am used to in Luxembourg.

Anyway, we had a blast. The meat I ordered, Nebraska beef, was simply stunning. Cooked to perfection. The sauces, sweet-corn and salad very very nice indeed.

The ambience…I loved it. Like and old barn. Open roof, with a production hall feel to it, but kept with dimmed lights…and the music. They played all my favourites. When have you last heard a song from Dylans brilliant album Time out of mind in a fab restaurant?. So despite the announced “sorrow”, we had a blast.

Rating, – for me the ambience was close to perfect for this kind of restaurant, the young waitress (well younger than me..) stood up for my flirting, and was there within a wink. Food – best beef I have had for quite some time. I would consider it high-end brasserie food/presentation – but oh my God. It tasted so well. And for me it was the highlight of the tour. Besides meeting Steffen Hensler and a lot of great people off course. A good 16p or so out of 20p. I hope to be back here too.

As for the time spend, first with the family and afterwards with Torben – who is my new idol – Gordon Ramsey has nothing on him…..and all those fellow hobby chefs. It was an honour to share this experience with you all.

I thank you Gordon - Torben - Ramsey - for being game, you were great.

Thanks for having us Hamburg, what a city.

6 comments on “Hamburg, August 2011

  1. essenvonau says:

    Ja der Henssler, der hat den Schalk im Nacken!
    Wir waren im Henssler&Henssler, beim Mälzer nur im Bistro.
    Deinen Eindruck kann ich aber nur bestätigen 🙂

    Liebe Grüße aus Sinsheim

  2. bo frederiksen says:

    Hi Heike,

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Maybe you can help me out here….is Henssler&Henssler rated higher, I mean is the concept different from the one in Ono ?

    On the “rangliste” page it is listed as number 20 in Germany…and it seems neither Ono nor Bullerie is listed. So much for ranks anyway. I dont think Seven Seas was number two on that given night. Fischereihafen which we also visited was superior in concept and style and attitude. Maybe not in presentaton (of some of the dishes) – some were really great in Seven Seas I must admit.

  3. bo frederiksen says:

    ups…as number 20 in Hamburg….

  4. essenvonau says:

    Das Henssler&Henssler mit der Hallen-Atmosphaere am Hafen hat diesen besonderen Charme, im Ono war ich noch nicht.
    Koennte auch daran liegen, dass das Ono neuer ist. Das Konzept ist, afaik, das gleiche.

    In HH gibt es auch schoene, empfehlenswerte Restaurants, die etwas “kleiner” daherkommen:

    Beide ganz unkompliziert, sehr gutes Essen und Weine.

    Aber ehrlich gesagt:
    Ich bin naeher an Luxemburg als an HH 🙂

  5. bo frederiksen says:

    Thanks for elaborating Heike…

    I shall try your suggestions when I move to Hamburg.

    And …most people are….closer to Luxembourg than to Hamburg lol.

  6. bushcook says:

    Hallo Bo,
    Deinen Bericht kann ich sehr gut nachempfinden. Hamburg ist wirklich eine Traumstadt. Ich habe in der Bullerei schon im Bistro und im Restaurant gegessen und mag’ die Art zu kochen sehr gerne.

    Im Ono war ich noch nicht, sondern im Henssler & Henssler. Das Sushikonzept scheint mir identisch zu sein. Vom Lesen der Karte habe ich den Eindruck, daß man im Ono noch ein bißchen mehr “Gas gibt”.

    Wie Heike sagte, kann ich auch das trific sehr empfehlen. Wenn Du Spaß an marokkanischer Küche auf Sterneniveau hast, dann mußt Du das Piment testen. Marokkanischer Koch mit einem Stern!

    Im neuen Resto von Cornelia Poletto ist das Essen unverändert gut, man sitzt halt sehr eng.

    Die Zeit mit Euch hat viel Spaß gemacht. Danke dafür.
    Und viele Grüße aus München (auch eine schöne Stadt 🙂 )

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