Kongebrogaarden, Middelfart, Denmark – 28 July 2011

Going to Legoland, Billund with good friend Kjetil and his kids – Kongebrogaarden was a natural choice for a sleep-over after the fun in the park – situated a good 40 min away from Billund.

Heres a few shots from Legoland to get you started…

The bulding of Kongebrogaarden is simply amazing, it is situated just next to a small harbour for smaller boats and yachts, right between the two Lillebaelt bridges, the new one and the old one. The terrace is just screaming at you….come, come, come, relax – have a drink – which is what we did.

Hotel Kongebrogaarden

The best hotel room I have seen for quite a while, great sofas, great bedroom, small balcony, 2 flat screen B&O televisions, docking station etc.

The hotel with the terrace,- taken from the harbour.

Do not let the view disturb you boys !

- like the view of an old bridge !

The view went well down with the deserved pre-dinner Gin tonic.

Upon reserving the table, I had noted that the missus requires gluten free food, and it was a great pleasure to experience the young waiter bringing gluten free bread of a (hard to find) decent quality. The menu offers a good 10 dishes of medium size plus some bigger ones. All priced between 10 and 30 eur.

The wine list is small, but an old friend popped  up, and as Kim Larsen sings….Hvem kan sige nej til en engel, – (Who can resist an angel)…I could not.

The team of young waiters were very kind, but also a bit below the level of the reception, the room, the wines and the food presented. It was as if a team of “off from school” girls had been placed with or without their consent in this beautiful place. I dont need top notch service at all times, so it was cool, it was just not on the same level as the rest.

A small amuse, vegs with a smoked cheese dip, porc crackers

Marinated Tuna

Roasted duck liver with raspberries

Risotto with small peas, celaric, onions...looked like a wild herb garden, brilliant

My fish, simple but ok.

No need nor room for desserts…..

My conclusion:

We were pleasantly surpriced of the quality of the hotel, which we found very good – in fact GREAT value. The breakfast the following day did the trick – but no magic was produced. The place lives from the pure beauty and the excellent location and the fantastic rooms with great quality furniture.

I think the restaurant was divided into two before, and thus had one with an even higher level for gastronomic travellers. However, maybe due to the crisis or the new owners Comwell they have now been merged into one restaurant. And this level was acceptable if not perfect or out of this world cooking.  But again a fair pricing of fair food.

The service as I mentioned before was clearly not on par, but very friendly and they were trying their best to act professional, even if they were not. The gluten aspect handled perfectly, – and all in all a great evening was spend under “The bridges of Middelfart County”.

My rating for this visit:  Food 6p (10), service 3p (5), ambience 4 (5), total score for this visit  13p (20).



8 comments on “Kongebrogaarden, Middelfart, Denmark – 28 July 2011

  1. Trine says:

    It really is a nice location, we went 3 years ago in connection with a visit to Ti Trin Ned. Think the previous owner sold it since then…
    Loved the Meo (same one) when I tried the real Meo first time in last December at Enomania in CPH.

  2. bo frederiksen says:

    Thanks for your comment Trine, funny you went there too. I bet 10 trin ned was a different level lol.

    Just a question, what do you consider an unreal Meo ?

  3. Trine says:

    I had a Marsannay from Meo once (http://verygoodfood.dk/2009/09/20/stunning-schloss-berg/, negocient grapes I believe), so I mean it was nice to try the Nuits-Saint-Georges 1 Cru 🙂

  4. bo frederiksen says:

    I had the Marsannay too once, it was very light so to say.

    Actually on this occasion at Kongebrogaarden we tried Meo’s white Hautes-cotes de Nuits too. It was very very nice.

  5. Trine says:

    Which vintage was the Hautes-Côtes?

  6. bo frederiksen says:

    Both were 2008 and both were listed as other vintages on the wine list. Which I commented on, and I was met with a ,,….yeah, that happens a lot here. Nice huh ? LOL.

  7. Hi There,

    I enjoyed reading your review. I run a Gluten Free travel website and I was wondering if you may allow me to use your review on my site to help fellow Gluten Free travellers if going to that area? I would more than happily link back to your blog with credit.


  8. bo frederiksen says:

    Off course Mike. I have some gluten comments on most of my last posts since this one. Check them out too.

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