Restaurant Patagonia, Hesperange, Luxembourg – 27 April 2011

I met new friends Serge and Guy at Restaurant Clairefontaine a few weeks ago. We immediately found out that there was a good chemistry between us, and that we shared a passion for the good things in life.

So returning to my home I was happy to find an invitation from them for dinner at Restaurant Patagonia. I know this place from the 90’s where it was a Spain or Chile inspired restaurant. Today its an Argentinian Steak House, the wine list consist of Argentinian wines. Nothing wrong with that.

The “new” owners have had the place I think 7 years. The room is beautiful, red colours on rough walls, lit candles everywhere, nice wooden tables and chairs, the ambience you would expect for a nice steak house. I would have been proud if it was my restaurant. I normally ALWAYS try to spot little things that would make the room or table work better, but no…I did not find one single thing. Even fresh flowers on all tables.

The friendly French waiter, offered me an amuse (olives, feta and bread with pate) and the wine list. Being the first to arrive (As always) I opted for a bottle of Chardonnay at I think 20 eur. Lovely and a bargain at that price.The following ordered redwine at 40 eur were in fact a GREAT drop. Most of the wine options were heavy on Malbec, which I am not a big fan of, but this was in fact a cuvee.

As for the food – we had a lovely Tuna Ceviche – which came at around 13 eur – and afterwards a 300g filet of Argentinian Beef with great avocado dip and homemade chips at I think 26 eur. The owner offered a fresh garlic/oil sauce to the meat, explaining that it was an Argentinian speciality

The following digestive was “on the house” and rounded of a great evening with lots of funny talk among “new” friends. I have a feeling Serge and Guy that we are going to see each other a lot more in the future, I also hope so.

As for Patagonia….here it comes:


Knowing that Guy who lives next door comes back weekly to this place , I can only tell him this….so would I. Great value on the wine side, good quality of meat and acceptable presentation. Not big gastronomy, but decent price level and for Luxembourg standard a great price/quality level.

I liked the avocado dip with the steak, maybe I would have preferred it more spicy. Only thing where I would improve was the “roasted” slices of eggplant on the plate. They were not the worst I have had, but also not the best. I dont know how to cook these, but the chef of a restaurant in Spain (where I had the most perfect eggplant ever) revealed me the apparent secret, you slice the eggplant, and let them rest in milk for some hours, turn them in flour and then fry them in oil. So my advice – improve on the eggplant side and your concept is flawless.

There was a genuine good vibe in the beautiful room, as I stated earlier, I would be proud if it was my restaurant. the service was good and friendly, we never had empty glasses and the empty bottle of chardonnay was duly noticed and replaced.

So, Serge and Guy, thanks for the invitation, and showing me Patagonia – I truly enjoyed your company the food and wine – and had a GREAT time

My rating for this visit: Food 6p (10), service 4p (5), ambience 4p (5), total score for this visit  14p (20)


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