Clairefontaine, Luxembourg – 26 November 2010

The yearly contest to find the best sommelier of the country was held last week at the annual Gastronomic fair on Kirchberg. I am happy to announce that the winner was in fact Michael Wagner….who you will find at…..Clairefontaine. So – “I had to pass” by to honour his victory with a small gift.

and the winner is....Michael Wagner

I let the choice of wine totally in his hands, who wants to argue with the best ! As always it was presented blind, and I was lucky to guess Rhone Valley. And what a smooth beauty it was.

My knowledge of Rhone wines has to improve, this was a great drop.

First amuse, Goat Cheese Lollypop

Second round of amuses

Maitre Didier finding the time to make friends with Emil

Le foie gras de canard Prestige

This was one of the best starters I have had at Clairefontaine (and there has been a few). The red beet, the capres worked perfectly with the fois gras. The quality and cooking of the fois gras flawless.

The missus opted for King Crab on a bed of tartar of Langoustines.

followed by

Slowly cooked shoulder of beef on mashed potato

The second time I have ordered this dish in a month. I must like it….

Poached Anglerfish - choice of the missus. Nice presentation, great taste.

The above plates were followed by the usual sweets. No room for dessert.

Conclusion: What do you expect, when coming back to “the best restaurant” in town, among friends. Well when its with your family, including two vibrant boys, the first focus is…are the boys in the mood to behave, …and the dinner and wine being up to the usual standard. And tonight it all worked well. The boys and the missus behaved, the food were excellent and the wine a good companion. Thanks for having us and for the top service. Again Emil let Alex – (The Spanish waiter) follow him to the toilet, hand in hand, that was a sweet thing to watch. Thanks Alex. And to come back to the main reason for our visit…..Congratulations Michael with the award and for continuesly suggestiong and presenting us with wines that fits our pallets. We appreciate that a lot.

My rating for this visit: Food 8.5p (10), service 5p (5), ambience 4.5p (5), total score for this visit  18p (20)


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