Hotel Le Montrachet, Puligny-Montrachet, France – November 2010

Coimg back to Bourgogne this time also meant coming back to Le Montrachet. The hotel has been renovated and updated with a wine bar, a new chef and awaits you in all its glory.

When you enter the square in front of the hotel, you are aware that you are entering history. The best white wines in the world are produced here, and across the square you will find a little Cave offering tastings and sale of most of the local “pearls”. A small cafe and of course the hotel and restaurant of Le Montrachet. Just around the corner you have Oliver Leflaive among others.

I am not sure if the hotel holds 3 or 4 stars at this time, but it gives you a genuine 4 star feeling, help with your suitcases etc. etc. Funny enough there is no minibar in the room, so water etc. has to be ordered at the reception or bar. The rooms comes from around 150 eur per night plus breakfast. The breakfast is very nice with all kinds of cakes, rolls, omelette, charcuterie etc. etc. etc.

The proprietaire for more than 20 years Thierry Gazagnes has a warm smile and a french attitude. The rooms have a great bed, chairs, good looking bathroom, docking station for your Ipod (GREAT !).

Heres a few shots to get you going…

The front of Le Montrachet

Place des Marronniers, now imagine it in full blossom come Spring !

Back to “Le Montrachet”…

The dining room of Le Montrachet has been beautifully restored, and you feel like you are dining among kings and queens. The food is very good. I would say its just around or just below 1 star michelin level in France, the service is friendly but not perfect.

The wine list is SIMPLY STUNNING ! I think it holds 500 different wines – or was it 1000.

You will find 1 whole page with around 40 items dedicated to the king of white wines alone

Montrachet anyone ?

My rating for the dinner (where I shot no pictures sorry) –  would be something like:  Food 6.5p (10), service 3.5p (5), ambience 5p (5) add one bonus point for the wine list, total score for this visit  16p (20)

As for the hotel and whole experience I must say I shall be happy to be back. There were few flaws, that could be easily corrected, like having a wine list lying on the tables of the huge side lobby (with wines per the glass)  – but no-one to take your order !.  But its France, its Burgundy, its not a 5 star hotel….so relax, sit down, grap a coffee table book or go the attended Wine bar and sip a beautilfully prepared Kir.

The Wine bar inside Le Montrachet

Or step ouside and embrace the air, and take a walk, and you will think you are in some kind of story tale, a piece of paradise.

Mr. Gazagnes, I am happy to be back in April and shall not hesitate in recommending this little “pearler”. Congratulations on your “new” old hotel. It looks stunning and embrace the visitors.


Pierre et Jean

We wanted something local for our first evening and the receptionist suggested Pierre et Jean – the newly opened Brasserie of Lameloise. As it turned out it was great, good food, 3 course menu for 32 eur, nicely priced wines and attentive service. Here’s a few shots from that evening…..

A big poster promoting the name of the restaurant inside the restaurant

Modern, beautiful and relaxed atmosphere.

Open kitchen - lovely

Kjetil elaborating big thoughts....

Rack of lamb - my chosen main dish. Lovely.

All in all that was a great experience. Its not food to blow you away, but simple good food at a very attractive price of 32 eur. You get to choose from different starters, mains and desserts. We left with a good feeling and I am happy to recommend Pierre & Jean to anybody who happens to be in the area.

I shall leave you (and Bourgogne) with a few shots from the area…cant wait to be back.

Inside looking out...

Saturday market in Beaune

Beaune - I love you.

8 comments on “Hotel Le Montrachet, Puligny-Montrachet, France – November 2010

  1. Maria F. Orr says:

    What a beautiful place!

  2. bo frederiksen says:

    It is…but even more pretty in the springtime. I cannot wait to come back….

  3. S Lloyd says:

    you stayed in an area where I would have spent most of the time enjoying and talking about wines. Thanks for the report

  4. bo frederiksen says:

    Well so did I I’d like to think – Bourgogne being my favourite spot in Europe and Bourgogne my favourite wines…

  5. Kjetil says:

    “Kjetil elaborating big thoughts….” haha. Which were they?

    “Shall I compare thee to a Vosne-Romanée, thou art more lovely and more temperate”

    Or rather: “These shrimps look cool”?


  6. bo frederiksen says:

    I think you were still wondering about my solution to the “How come there are so many folding knives on display in Beaune” problematic.

  7. Trine says:

    Hey Bo
    Really beautiful shots here from Puligny which brings back nice memories from my (too short) visit last year.
    Thank you!

  8. bo frederiksen says:

    I had the same feeling. One should stay a week there in order to really explore. I am going back in April, but that will also be for 2-3 nights only and during those few days the whole Cote has to be covered.

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