Best Brasserie in town – L´Annexe

Its been 3 years since the opening of L´Annexe, and it has since established itself as a favourite lunch restaurant of many locals, lawyers and businessmen. In the summer you are spoiled with a great views of the “Red Bridge” and the valley below, and evenings can be spend under a fabulous partly heated “monster” of a parasol.

Part of the view over the valley

The restaurant is open Monday to Friday, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bar is open the whole day. Closed Saturdays and Sundays. The days-special comes at around11-12 eur and starters range from 12-16 euro and mains from16-30 euro. Desserts 6-10 euro.

There might be some good brasseries in town in general, but none I know of serves French food at this level and this with an eye on a constantly high brasserie level and great looking dishes.

Wonderful "Steak de gigot d’agneau au poivre"

Risotto aux écrevisses et ragoût de champignons

So add up – Good food, a great selection of wine per glass, a reasonable wine list (of unfortunately most local and French wines), good beer (notably Battin (draft) or bottled Leffe), good chairs, nice lightning, and the attention of Jerome Kersuzan and his staff – all is set for a great dining experience. The staff might seem a bit stressed at lunch, – 3-4 people serve up 80 people (!) so if you want full attention, you better come a little after the first rush at 12 or in the evening. But Jerome is one of the best in the business and “service” is his middle name. Mind you the restaurant is a Brasserie – and full most lunches, so  booking is essential for lunch.

Since the beginning the concept has included happy hour – all drinks – between 5 pm and 7 pm comes double. The staff is children friendly, and “Miche” – head of the kitchen – is always able to prepare little something for them – pasta, potatoes, ham etc.

The menu consist of apxm. 5 todays specials of the day/week, and a lot of  starters and classics which are changed less often. Below is an example of the menu as per today:

This weeks special´s: Tagliatelles aux fruits de mer 16€,  Foie de veau au cassis 20€,  Moules à la crème ou à la moutarde 19€,  T. Bone steak, sauce fumée 32€, Steak de gigot d’agneau au poivre 18€, Coquelet épicé à l’orientale 16€

Starters: Salade de chêvre chaud à la tapenade, smoothie melon 14€,  Soupe du jour  12€, Carpaccio de boeuf au pistou 15€, Salade Niçoise au poulet 16€, Tomates farçies aux escargots 16€,- “Jelli” de queue d’écrevisses à l’estragon 15€, Tartare de saumon 14€

Nos Classiques : La bouchée à la reine 15, Steak de thon façon Rossini 21€, Hamburger de pot au feu au foie gras 21€, Le tartare de bœuf 20€, L’entrecôte d’Argentine sauce Béarnaise, frites, salade 23,50€, Risotto aux écrevisses et ragoût de champignons 16€ en entrée / 21€ en plat.

Assiette de fromages affinés: 8€

Desserts: Charlotte choco-myrtilles, sorbet framboise 7,50€, Sablé muesli, crème de mûres et fruits rouges 7€, Vacherin glacé façon “Annexe” 6,50€, Coupelle de fruits frais et ses sorbets 8€, Feuillantine à la pistache, mousse fraise et glace guimauve 7,50€, L’assortiment de glaces et sorbets 2€ la boule, La tarte de jour,  Crème brûlée à la vanille 6,50€, Moelleux au chocolat 8€


So my advice to you – Are you a tourist, and you want to avoid one of the many tourist traps, – or are you a local, who just hasnt visited L´Annexe yet, please do so. Enjoy the great food, have a chat with Jerome who speaks French, English and German, – special requests are welcome by the way, enjoy the view, the terrasse, or have a romantic dinner – but most of all, be sure that you have just found one of the best quality/price ratio restaurants in the country.

Sebastien, always one big smile...

L´Annexe (Edwige and Arnaud) – I congratulate you on your 3 years anniversary and I am looking forward to many more great lunches and dinners here. Jerome, Sebastien, J.P. , Christophe and “Miche” – Rock on!

L´Annexe, Rue du Saint Esprit 7, L-1475 LUXEMBOURG, Tél: 26 26 25 07,


4 comments on “Best Brasserie in town – L´Annexe

  1. torben bjerregaard jensen says:

    Hi Bo

    Thanks for a super review for L’annexe. I have been waiting for when you would do this one – an now you finally did it – and you are spot on.

    All the words clearly describes my personal view for L’annexe. I personally cherish this restaurant and this both for pleasure and business – mainly because you always feel at home when visiting Jerome and his very skilled staff.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. bo frederiksen says:

    Well thanks Torben, your opinion and comments are highly appreciated.

    After work drinks today ? I will probably go today with the family.

  3. Kjetil says:

    Hmm, I read “Best Brassiere in town” lol.

  4. bo frederiksen says:

    What the heart is full of dear Kjetil…

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