Clairefontaine, Luxembourg – 19 July 2010

So, the school´s out for summer….so today Emil and I decided to pay our friends at Clairefontaine a visit. We took a small stroll through the sunny streets of Luxembourg. We have 30 degrees and a clear blue sky.

This was our route…

The playground

Place Clairefontaine

..with the monument of G.D. Charlotte


We arrived at Restaurant Clairefontaine, and wine and food was ordered…

Tokaji dry Oremus, Hungary

3 amuses, Beef/Mustard, Cabillaud -- and Lamb

Variations of Tomato

Emil opted for the pasta, which came with Ketchup, Bolognese and Parmesan

Off to show Maitre Didier his artistic efforts....

Lobster wrapped in bacon - with stuffed zucchini flowers on parsley sauce



Before leaving we were invited back tomorrow – with a glimpse of this “Paella revisited” from the kithen….”You are invited” – said Arnaud, and who can say no to that…see you tomorrow friends.

Paella revisited



Being a regular here, I often tend to be sometimes too hard and sometimes too soft in my review. On the last visit we had among the best dishes ever in Luxembourg, a Japanese inspired fish dish and a beef dish. Except for the fact that they both were very dry, a bit too dry. That little detail, the lack of a litlle more liquid drew the perfect dish down to a very good dish.

On this visit the tomato starter was very nice, the gazpacho perfect, the avocado creme a bit too dominant. The lobster this time had problems keeping up with the very rich parsley sauce. The cooking of the lobster with the bacon perfect.

I love the terasse, one of the most quiet spots for terrasse dining in Luxembourg. No traffic, and no hectic waitering. Thanks for having us guys.

My rating for this visit: Food 8 (10), Ambience 5 (5) and service 4,5 (5)  Total score 17,5 (20)

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