Babette, Denmark – November 2009

Restaurant Babette is situated on the outskirts of Vordingborg, some 45 min, south of Copenhagen. They offer fantastic quality at relatively small prices. A few years ago they also opened a small brasserie at harbour side in Vordingborg. In my opinion Restaurant Babette is among the most honest food you get in Denmark, with no compromise to the quality of the products used.

Vivi Schou the head chef has recently been awarded the Danish Champagnepris for her cooking and contribution to the Danish gastro-scene, and head waiter /owner / host Henrik Pedersen was voted best of his kind in 2007.

You may choose a full menu (6 dishes) – or you may pick 3, 4 or 5 as you like. It is priced at 60-80 eur, the lunch menu even a bit cheaper as far as I remember.

They do not offer a wine list as such but Henrik is willing to put several bottles on the table, explain the differences and come with his recommendation. Apart from that there is a wine menu and a wine menu for the designated drivers.

The photos below give you an impression of the outstanding decor and the puristic and great dishes. I never got to write a review after the visit last year, but I hope to be back soon in order to do so.

Beautiful, inviting, romantic

Small appetizers


Eel, dark bread crust, variations of pumpkin

Turbot (I think) - with leaves of Brussel sprout


Pheasant - first serving..

Pheasant - second serving, unsharp photo..sorry.

"Brunsviger" revisited - with red beet


The 2 magicians of the evening..

I hope this young lady may never leave the business..if only all waiters were like her.

I think this evening was my 5th visit to the restaurant. Even though neither Henrik nor Vivi was there, it was a stunningly high level on both service and food. The young waiter, I asked for her name but have since forgot, did a fantastic job, smiling, entertaining and explaining about the dishes and the wines. Thats the passion you want to meet as a client, and the passion Henrik normally is demonstrating at all times. Very much like Jan Restorff does is at Sölleröd Kro.

Our of my memory of the evening I have the following conclusion to the visit. Book now.

My rating for this visit: Ambience 4p (5) Service 4,5p (5) Food/Wine 8p (10) : Score 16,5 out of 20.

8 comments on “Babette, Denmark – November 2009

  1. Maria F. Orr says:

    Must go there, must go there! Can’t believe I haven’t been, seing as it is so close to Lolland. Thanx for the review Bo.

  2. JS says:

    Hi Bo, sorry for using the Babette post to get your attention.

    I’m going to Luxembourg next week with my old man and have read a few articles here as preparation. Besides gourmet level (I’ve booked a table at Clairefontaine) are there any good medium scale restaurants in the city that one should know about?

  3. bo frederiksen says:

    Hi JS,

    Thanks for your interest. I have send you a private email, and would prefer to come up with suggestions in a private mail too. However, I might give you a general reply here, good luck in Luxembourg anyway, hope the weather stays like it is.

  4. bo frederiksen says:

    Well, JS, since you did not respond to my mail, I shall give you a few comments here.

    Luxembourg has probably hundreds of medium scale restaurants, but in general, they tend to be too expensive as Luxembourg in general is. Lots of what I would consider tourist traps.

    For Italian food I find Il Riccio (see link on my front page) very original and cosy, Tell Eros or Luca I send you…

    For Thai/Asian food I normally go to Thai Celadon (Tell Roy I send you) – but Kamakura, Cat Club and Opium gets good recommendations too.

    For spareribs/chicken wings beer/drinks I go to Maybe not Bobs.

    For stunning view, take the lift up in the new Sofitel Hotel – the bar on the 8th floor has beautiful snacks – long drinks, beers and wine and a second to none view over the city. The Restaurant next door is a bit too expensive for what it is.

    For Brasserie, avoid the ones on Place D´Armes and Place Guillaume…too expensive. Try L´Annex, 100 meters down to the right from Clairefontaine (Tell Jerome I send you). They also have happy hour from 5-7 p.m. Reservation here is essential for lunch.

    In general, if you want to spend 150+ per person…you must visit Schloss Berg on the German border – MUST.

    If you want to spend 50-100+ Eur per person Clairefontaine.

    Um Plateau and Speltz is good quality, more Brasserie Style food, but close to the price level of Clairefontaine.

    Enjoy your stay, feel free to contact me on with further questions or if you need help in any way.

  5. jakob200 says:

    Bo, thank you very much for the recommendations!

    I have sent you a lengthy reply via private mail.

  6. Trine says:

    I had a very nice evening at Babette about 2 years ago and would surely return next time I would be in the area. Thank you Bo!

  7. bo frederiksen says:

    I think I remember you telling me that back then….and I seem to remember you liking it.

    “Being in the area”…well you are lucky to be what I would consider in that area most of the time….all is relative I guess.

    But thank you dear Trine.

  8. bo frederiksen says:

    Just to add, the name of the great waiter is Sidse, she is on maternal leave, congratulations, hope to see her next year.

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