Lagura, Luxembourg – 30 June 2010

And so it happened once again….

I went to a for me – new place – and was mighty disappoointed. Why is it so hard I wonder. In this case Lagura is beautifully set in an old mansion, the homepage, the entrance, the deco and the beautiful terrasse offers the best possible frame for a nice meal. The menu and a la carte dining looks tempting, a mix of Italian and Asian food.

We were friendly greeted, during the 90 min stay the young female waiter tried her best, she smiled, she asked standard questions etc., “Would you like an aperitive, maybe a glass of Champagne (which my boss would like to sell you because she earns a lot per glass!!!!) – but it just didn´t come natural to her. You didn´t believe her.

When ordering the Pinot Noir Rouge from Hugel, it was confirmed that it would be chilled. When it arrived it was lukewarm, and the ice bucket did not succeed in bringing the temperature down until the bottle was almost empty. Priced at 38 euro, you can calculate a 3,5 times the normal purchase price, which is horrible but also standard average in Luxembourg.

The young waiter passed our table several times, but for crying out loud

!!!!!!!!!!! – WHEN YOU PASS A TABLE  – LOOK AT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no problem in serving my own wine, but when you pay 3,5 times the value some kind of service should be expected. I beat the staff, serving ourselves 3 times out of 5 times.

The food:

Most main dishes are between 22-30 euros. We were offered a little amuse, Tartare of Tuna (!) on a Mint Gel. It tasted and looked like Salmon, and had a slight fishy smell to it. The gel tasted of nothing,

Astrid ordered Risotto an apparently it was good, it was very creamy, lots of parmesan. I found it slightly overcooked. It was definetely freshly made, and the waiter informed us about the waiting time when it was ordered. I had a Poulet au Curry with basmati rice. I have big problems cooking basmati rice. They always end up sticky and tasteless in compare to my local Indan restaurant who claims its very easy. Well the chef at Lagura had the same problem. Very poor taste, and too sticky for my taste. The chicken came “baked” in a bread crust. The “filling” – chicken and vegetables – of the crust was ok if not fantastic. The sauce was offered on the side and let us just say it had a mildly flavoured curry taste.

The crust – as good as it looked was not really eatable, maybe it wasnt the point. But I gave up. When ordering the food, the missus asked for a tomato salad, but that was not possible. Knowing they had several dishes on the menu with tomatos – it is hard to understand why a chef would not find a way to slice some tomatos, add a bit of chopped onions, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Jesus.  But we ordered the suggested side salad, which came at around 5 eur, and was not bad or good in any way.

At this point, the wine was still lukewarm. I excused myself, and went to the rest room. I called Clairefontaine….explained how I wanted a nice ending to a bad meal. And if I could have a table on their terrasse, just for a glass of wine and some dessert.

So 25 minutes later we sat down at Clairefontaine, warmly greeted we were offered Amuses, but rejected since we were not overly hungry.

Half a bottle of Meursault for me and a pink Champagne for Astrid, and we were already feeling better. Before the ordered desserts came, we we offered a pre-dessert which blew us away, I shall spare the details on the desserts because this post is about Lagura, but they were all wonderful. Later the ususal sweets were offered and I had a wonderful digestive on the house.

I cannot thank Edwige and Arnaud enough for saving our evening, Didier and the rest of the staff for being so wonderful and attentive even on a busy and warm day.

The dinner at Lagura clocked in at 99 eur – our “second” dinner at Clairefontaine clocked in at 89 euro.


I get so irritated, like stated on some of my other post, when all the things are in place for having a wonderful restaurant, and it fails so miserably due to lack of attention to obvious details. In this case it was mainly the food and wine – which off course is bad enough for a Restaurant. Lagura, I shall never be back.

Our rating for this visit: Ambience 3,5 (5) Service 2 (5) Food 2 (10) : Score 7,5 out of 20.

3 comments on “Lagura, Luxembourg – 30 June 2010

  1. Maria F. Orr says:

    Love it that you saved your evening so cleverly 🙂

    Will not consider Lagura as a choice (even if I have never been in the neighborhood, who knows, perhaps I will be some day!)

  2. bo frederiksen says:

    No, because if you were in the neighborhood, you would be destined to eat at Bo´s kitchen.

  3. Maria F. Orr says:

    I like that destiny and will look forward to it, thank you!

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