Fraser´s Restaurant – Perth – 31 March 2010

Having been to Perth 4 times, this time we finally managed to visit one of Perth´s most famous restaurant. Chris Taylor and his team is known to cook fish to perfection.

The restaurant is situated on top of the hill in the beautiful King´s Park. With stunnings views over the city. Normally you can sit outside as well, but this was a chilly night.

We had high exepectations and was greeted ever so friendly and shown to our table in what turned out to be a very huge room – very crowded – with a level of noice I have never heard anywhere else in a restaurant – it was as loud as to a rock concert, and conversation was almost impossible. We later asked the waiter, and he confimed, yeah it was a loud evening, they had two big tables tonight…but the way the room was constructed and with the number of tables they had managed to put into the room, I would imagine most evenings being very much the same.

But as for the food…we had…

Apple smoked Trout with Fennel Lavoshe & Mustard Cress

Very nice with the apple touch… 8.5 (10)

Chargrilled field Mushroom, Watercress & Tomato Salad

Not really impressive  7 (10)

Grilled lobster with a VERY spicy lime/chili sauce.

Very nice, grilled to perfection, fantastic tasting sauce 9.5 (10)

Grilled Fillet of Barramundi with Chickpea Puree & brown Butter

Flawless if not surpricing 8 (10)

Char grilled Waygu Sirloin with red wine jus

Stunning piece of meat, marble score grade 5 – I love the onions that way….9(10)

No desserts were possible from our side….


Very good level of food. The young male waiter, was very very friendly, even if stressed. We had to wait a long time for the wines, – we chose Moss Wood – first a bottle of Chardonnay and after that a Cabernet Sauvignon blend. The Chardonnay was stunning.  The head waiter seemed very stressed and was hardly smiling. I noted this to our waiter, and shortly after as if by magic, he came to our table, smiling, asking etc. Better late than never lol.

My rating for this visit: Ambience 2,5p (5) Service 3,5p (5) Food/Wine 8.5p (10) : Score 14.5p out of 20.

What killed a perfect evening was the fact that it was more noisy than a train station and that there were some flaws in the service. I had to take a picture of my glass of water. The young female waiter decided to empty the bottle – leaving me with a glass I could hardly move without spilling….take a look…

A LOT of water.

Still, we had a great night, …and left with this view of the city:

Moon over Perth, view from Fraser´s Restaurant


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