A new boy in town…Restaurant La Cristallerie – Hôtel Le Place d’Armes – 15 May 2010

A little while ago this hotel was build and finalized to the apparently highest of standards in dead center Luxembourg. The reception gives one a cool modern welcome. Behind there is even a small patio/garden for a quiet moment away from the busy Place d´Armes. The hotel offer both a Brasserie with tables inside or outside on the square – or the chosen La Cristallerie which is situated inside on the first floor.

My good friend Jerome and I had a booking at 12.00 and we arrived on time, took the lift and we were shown to the table by the friendly staff. There was a City Marathon going on later in the afternoon, so we planned to be out before that.

The room is VERY classic and somewhat old fashioned and we did in fact laugh at several of the choices made in regard to decor etc. We opted for the big menu that came at around 85 Euro and ordered some nice bottles. The wine list had a reasonable size with lots of Bordeaux bottles and less Burgundy.

And then the waiting began.  The waiting was in the beginning “disturbed” by the waiter who around 12.20 decided to put flowers on the table – or remembered that he had forgotten. I think the first wine came around 12.25 just before the amuse.  Around 13.00 we still had not had anything else than the amuse.

During the stay two other couples arrived, so the restaurant was far from busy.

So we had…

I seriously have forgot what the appetizer was, pea soup (?). NOT very interesting to say the least.

Fois Gras, flawless, but the Gel was tasteless.

Best dish of the day….Lobster in a very nice creamy and light shellfish crustade.

Second best dish of the day, Turbot with mushrooms, I forgot the sauce, was it butter and some kind of citrus taste.

Normally this is on top of my list…Lamb with vegetables a la Provence. The sauce was ok, the lamb and the veggies boring at best. The green crust on the lamb chops was not very well done.

A nice selection of cheese was brought and I chose the above. I had to ask extra for the walnuts as the waiter forgot to offer them.

The dessert speaks for itself, I cannot tell you what it was. Crunchy plates with chocolate creme, orange marmelade (!) or was it abricot.

The two first bottles…to forget about the boring food, we ordered another bottle of Bordeaux.

Now at this point it was 3 pm. My cell pone rang, the missus told me that the police had just called and inquired to the owner of a certain vehicle ! – mine. Due to the Marathon – they just wanted to inform that would I not move it like NOW, they would. So instead of just tossing your car away, the police calls you.…THATS customer service and something the staff at this certain restaurant should learn from. I cannot say that the service was bad. But we know that their goal is to achieve a michelin star, and in order to get that, in my book you need to be inspired both in the kitchen and in the service. And to not be ready for what seemed like a empty restaurant, and to put flowers on the table 20 min. after opening hour instead of before is jut a no go.


I would not add La Cristallerie to the other tourist traps on Place d´Armes, it was not bad as in BAD but it was just very very boring. And nothing that I could not have produced on a good day in my kitchen. Some of the dishes should never have been on the table, at least partly not.

I can only recommend the people behind the service and kitchen to visit Babette in Denmark (0 star) and Sölleröd Kro (1 star !!!!) and they must realize that they are worlds away from any kind of recognition in that respect. There is just no compare, not really.

Rating for this visit: Food 5(10) – Service 2.5(5), Ambience 2.5(5) – Total score 10

One comment on “A new boy in town…Restaurant La Cristallerie – Hôtel Le Place d’Armes – 15 May 2010

  1. Maria F. Orr says:

    Thank yo Bo, won’t rush to go there; but still can’t wait for Babette’s 🙂

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