Spring in Luxembourg…….

Last month while walking around in the city I took some nice shots of the Capital City.


01. Place Guillaume, Wednesday market

02. Terrasse and entrance of Clairefontaine

03. View over the valley from the terrasse of L´Annexe

04. Place D´Armes….notice the wheel chair ralley taking place in the below right corner

05. Place D´Armes – A good sign that Spring and Summer is comingis when the restaurants bring out the chairs and parasols.

06. Pascal – busy at his Bar au Vin – preparing for a degustation

07. Place Guillaume and the Cathedral

08. The statue of Grand Duchesse Charlotte and the Cathedral

09. The Golden Laday, war memoral for the fallen soldiers during World War I – the photo shot through the sun roof of my car

10. Emil, walking “le canard”

11. A lady taking her dog for a walk. The dog insisted to stay in the sun. After 10 min. he turned around, but only rose after another 10 min.had elapsed

12. Oscar in the garden

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5 comments on “Spring in Luxembourg…….

  1. Michael says:

    Christophe Petra at Le Sud in Aiguebelle was one of the more promising chefs on the Côte d’Azur. He suddenly moved Le Sud to Luxembourg with no explanations. Do you know how he is doing?

  2. bo frederiksen says:

    Hi Michael,

    I know where his restaurant is situated, 1 friend speaks highly about it, another friend is more luke warm. But I shall give it a try one fine day and if I see him I shall pass on your regards. Its beautifully placed on top of a builing in a new improved “bar/restaurant” area of the city called Clausen.

  3. bo frederiksen says:

    So Michael …I visited Le Sud yesterday.

    Many different impressions…

    Beautiful room, open kitchen, horrible carpet, stone walls, imporessive entrance.

    The maitre was a well-known face, since he has been working at the restaurant of the best hotel in town, and served me there a few times. He is good, even if he might seem a bit snobby, but when you know him you appreciate his style. The young Italian waiter was funny and in a good mood too. The sommelier tried to be funny, but his style was not convincing (to us at least), and he had a terrible way to walk. Christophe Petra greated us personally at our table, nice touch.

    The concept is 1 menu – 3 starters, 1 main dish – (we could choose between, pigeon, lamb, deer, and Monkfish) – cheese trolley and dessert trolley.

    Before the starters we were served 3-4 different amuses, all very nice, so was 2 of the 3 starters, the fish was fishy and not to our liking at all. We had the deer, beautiful mashed potatoes with truffles, beautiful wine reduction, the meat was to rare but still nice.

    The cheese selection very good, although my favourite Fourme d´ambert was not available.

    The dessert trolley, consisted of fresh fruits, 4 kinds of home made ice, 10 different cakes with sauces on side.

    All this comes at 69,- euro….I would say a bargain.

    Is it on star level…well certainly not compared to the level in Copenhagen, but the food had a back to basic feel about it. The presentation being solid but not something I couldnt match in my kitchen on a good day.

    We had a lovely Saint Aubin 2007 from Marc Colin. We let the sommelier choose the red and he opted for a Haut Medoc, Bernadette 1999, cru bourgeios, which were not to our liking at all. Too ordinary, and not up to the main dish at all. So most of the bottle was left were it belonged…in the bottle. This was noted by the young Italian waiter, and the maitre came to our table inquiring about the problem. He insisted on not charging us for the wine. Good choice and style.

    The wines are TOO expensive anyway, it seems like a 4-5 times cost price are standard…and thats not unseen in Luxembourg, but still horrible.

    Nevertheless, I feel like going back, I liked the unpretentious style of the food.

    So thas my verdict…worth a visit.

  4. Michael says:

    Thank you for the report. The concept: 1 menu – 3 starters, 1 main (with choices for the earlier diners,) cheese and dessert is the same as it was in Aiguebelle. Has he adapted his style to your region or does it still seem very Provençale? He used to have very attractively priced good local wines in the south.

    • bo frederiksen says:

      LOL, well that has changed. Even his Luxembourgish ones are overprized. It was definetely a Provence touch to almost all dishes….and they were also on the light side, meaning even after all those dishes we did not feel overfull.

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