Clairefontaine, Luxembourg – 30 June 2008

Chef: Arnaud Magnier, Voted best chef in Luxembourg by Gault et Millau in 2005. Michelin rating: 1 star, Gault et Millau rating: 18 points.

This lunch was planned out of the blue since my wife had a day off and Oscar didnt feel like attending Kindergarten today. And we had wanted for a long time to bring him here for lunch to test how that would work since he is normally NOT that good in sitting any longer than 2 minutes at the table. And besides – the weather screamed for terrasse dining.

The restaurant has been a favourite of mine for the last 5 years both for business and private lunches and dinners.


The missus and Oscar at the table at Clairefontaines beautiful terrasse.


The service and attention I (- and to the best of my knowledge also other visitors) get is probably the best in Luxembourg and the food is very good presented with what I would consider bigger than average portions for this type of gastronomic restaurant. I recently referred an American group of tourists I met in another Restaurant in Luxembourg to Clairefontaine and upon their return to the States, they kindly sent me a really nice mail, stating that the food and service at Clairefontaine was indeed the gastronomic highlight of their European tour and warmly thanked me for this recommendation.

The wine list should satisfy all clients with open wines around 9 EUR per Glass and bottles from 25 EUR and up up up……

With a huge numbers of white Burgundies to choose from – it was easy pleasing my wife and the one Chassagne-Montrachet I spotted was then confirmed as a very good choice by the sommelier Samuel.


Remi Jobard-Chabloz, “Les Charrieres” 2004.

After a little while in the glass I asked Samuel to decanter the wine since it was still very closed and green. And that helped the wine to finally open up and reveal the force of this village, the minerals and complexity. However, it remained still a surpricingly very “green” chardonnay, almost too young for my taste and I like to drink all wines what most people would consider too young.


Clairefontaine serves a small menu of the day for lunch as well as two bigger menus both mid-day and evening. But today we went for a la carte since we only wanted a starter and a main course.

We were as always greeted warmly with a smile by the staff and the hosts Edwige and Arnauld and treated to the appetizer which at Clairefontaine always consist of 3 small tastings on one plate.


 From the right A cold creamy soup of Salmon, in the middle Mashed potatoes with mussels and a beautiful reduction and to the left a Risotto with a roasted piece of sot-l´y-laisse 10p

The risotto was so deliscious that I almost asked for a re-fill……


For starters we opted for

Le saomon d’Ecosse “Label Rouge” en 2 cuissons, des pommes de terre façon Roësti et crème aigrelette au caviar d’Aquitaine 8p –


Une déclinaison d’un thon rouge, mini poivron confit et farci, sushi de légumes maison, tartare et carpaccio au pistou 9p

The highlight of these two dishes was the tartare of tuna which was to die for.


At the same time Oscar was treated to a

Roasted Filet of veal with a risotto. Dont take his look to serious. He liked it he claimed and was just busy being a big boy behaving to the liking of his proud parents.


Our main dishes…

Les filets de rougets petits bâteaux cuit à l’unilatéral, des supions farcis et légumes aux senteurs ensoleillées, un milk-shake de concombre et chèvre frais 9p


Le homard Breton rôti entier puis décortiqué, purée crémeuse et palets confits de céleri, le jus d’un rôti de viande à la truffe mélanospurum 10p

I love lobster and the above confirmed that. A generous whole lobster served with a fantastic reduction. The Filets de rougets had a nice Provence vibe to it. The tomato flan and the cucumber shake made the whole dish scream “SUMMER AND SUN”…..


There has been a few visits where the food although tasty has lacked a little in presentation, but I think today was “back to form” for Arnauld and his kitchen staff. The ambience both inside and outside is “As good as it gets” in my book. Didier the Maitre de Hotel makes sure your visit is always met with the same high standard. I consider Didier among the best of his kind in Luxembourg. Always warm and friendly with an eye on every table.

Finally to round this up, while the missus sipped her coffee and I had to find 226,- EUR- a few pictures to get you in the mood if not already……


Samuel story telling “Ratatoullie” in French for Oscar….


Didier at the entrance to the inside of the restaurant


The restaurant from the inside….


Thanks dear friends for a lovely lunch… of the best I have had in a long time.

My rating for this visit: Ambience 5,0 (5) Service 5,0 (5) Food/Wine 9 (10) : Score 19 out of 20.

2 comments on “Clairefontaine, Luxembourg – 30 June 2008

  1. Trine says:

    Dear Bo
    Thanks for a lovely read! So Oscar is clever enough to know when to behave?
    “The weather screeming for terrasse dining” – I like that phrase. 🙂

  2. bo frederiksen says:

    Apparently he is, or he´s just a dedicated diner like his father.

    Well, there havent been o much of that nice terrasse dining weather this summer.

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